Full Privacy. Full Control.

Send and Receive shielded and shielded transactions via your own full node.

Your Own Full Node

Run your own full node, and send and recieve transactions via your own full node to completely be in control of your own privacy.

Connect over Tor

Optionally connect over Tor for an even more private zcash experience.

Own your own private keys

Your private keys are completely on your own node and in your control. Import and Export your private keys as you will.

Embedded Zcash Node

Run your own external node or let Zecwallet start it's embedded node managed by Zecwallet.

Fast Sync

Zecwallet's embedded node features Fast Sync, which can sync the zcash blockchain upto 33% faster than an external node.


Extensive documentation, including video tutorials on the docs site.


Download Zecwallet Full Node .