Securely Connect your Android phone to your desktop Zecwallet


End-to-end encryption protects all your data and metadata .

Connect across firewalls and networks

Connect to your desktop Zecwallet automagically, without fiddling with firewalls, ports or any other settings.

Transparent and Shielded

Control all your transparent and shielded funds from your Android phone.

Fully Featured

All features are supported on the App. Incoming & Outgoing memos, transaction list, balances, and more.

One-Scan Connect

Connect your phone and desktop with a single scan of a QR code. No other configuration needed!

Lightweight Companion App Protocol

The phone uses only a few kb of bandwidth, offloading most of the work to your desktop.


Now Available!

Get started on your Android Phone by scanning the connection QR Code from your desktop Zecwallet.

download on google play