Offline Sapling Paper Wallets

ZecPaperWallet generates secure Zcash Shielded and Transparent wallets, offline. Fully compatible with Sapling z-addresses.

Runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, TailsOS, Raspberry Pi and more

Securely generate offline wallets on any platform.

Command Line, UI or Web

Securely generate wallets (as PDF or txt) from the commane line, a native UI or in the browser.

Custom Entropy

In addition to system entropy, you can (and should) specify custom entroy to increase security of your wallets.

Truely Secure Offline Wallets

  1. 1

    Get a Faraday Cage

    Build a small farady cage with Aluminium foil.

  2. 2

    Get a Raspberry Pi and Inexpensive Printer

    Get some deals on a Raspberry Pi and inexpensive printer. You'll be destroying these when you're done.

  3. 3

    Generate Wallets

    Generate a wallet PDF file on the Raspberry Pi. Print out the Private Key and Address on the printer.

  4. 4


    Destroy the Raspberry Pi and the Printer. Save the physical paper wallet safely.

Vanity Addresses

ZecPaperWallet can also generate Sapling compatible vanity z-addresses and private keys.

Generate z addresses with 4-8 letter prefixes

Use all your CPU cores to search for vanity addresses

Estimate time needed to generate any vanity address


Download ZecPaperWallet .