Zecwallet Product Suite


Zecwallet Lite

The flagship Zecwallet product, Zecwallet Lite is a lightclient that lets you send and receive shielded zcash transactions without downloading the Zcash blockchain.

It works by connecting to a Lightclient Server, and downloading "compact blocks", which allow for 90%+ bandwidth savings, allowing the client to sync in under a minute.

  Full Node Light Client
Data downloaded to get started ~23,000,000 kB 530 kB
Data downloaded every week to keep up with network ~200,000 kB 200 kB
Data downloaded every week to keep up with network ~24,000,000 kB 80 kB


Zecwallet FullNode

Zecwallet that works with a full zcash node. If you are running your own full node and want to interact with the zcash network via your own full node, this is the wallet for you.

Zecwallet FullNode give you full control over your private keys and privacy. You can optionally connect over Tor, for an additional layer of privacy.

Comes with an embedded zcashd, so you can get started easily, and control everything from one place.


Zecwallet Companion App

An Android companion app that lets you control your Zecwallet FullNode or Zecwallet Lite wallet from your Android phone.

Send and receive shielded and transparent transactions right from your phone, including incoming and outgoing memos.

The Zecwallet Companion app uses an innovative "wormhole" connection, that lets you connect to your node, irrespective of what networks either your phone or your full node is running on. No need to configure firewalls, port forward etc.. .

Just scan the QR code on your node and get started.

Paper Wallets


Securely generate Sapling-compatible z-addresses and private keys using ZecPaperWallet. You can provide your own entropy, which is mixed in with the system's randomness, to generate ultra-safe zcash paper walltets, completely offline.

Runs on a variety of devices, like MacOS, Windows, Linux, TailsOS, Raspberry Pi and many more...

Available as a CLI tool, a native UI or as a web-app that runs in the browser.

Server Tools


Wormhole is an innovative connection solution that allows mobile phones and Zecwallet nodes to connect to each other securely, with zero configuration.

Wormhole runs in the cloud, routing fully encrypted messages between nodes and wallets. Just scan the QR code on the node from your mobile device, and enjoy end-to-end encrypted connections securely.

Server Tools


LightWalletD is a zcash lightclient protocol server, that serves compact blocks to light clients.

In addition to Sapling addresses, LightWalletD also serves transparent addresses, allowing light wallets to support shielded, tranparent and mixed transactions easily.

You can also run your own community LightWalletD server or a private one just for yourself.

Wallet Tools

Lightclient Library

zecwallet-light-cli is a zcash lightclient library that allows developers to easily use the zcash light client protocol, without worrying about the complex underlying interactions.

It consists of a simple API that allows zcash wallet and network access, allowing developers the use of the full zcash feature set, including send/receive shielded and transparent transactions, full support for incoming and outgoing memos and much more.

It is also available as a CLI tool for use in scripts, making it easy to build complex interactions with Zcash.

Zecwallet Lite uses this library underneath.